100 Baby Challenge Info & Index

Introduction ♦️

So, I have attempted this challenge time and time again only to get bored, annoyed, or have something else take my attention away, but I really do want to complete this challenge even if it’s just to prove to myself that I can complete something lol So here we go again!

This challenge was created by Snarky Witch over on Tumblr.

The Story ♦️

Alola Philips grew up with a single mother and no siblings, leaving her to live quite the lonely childhood. As a child, she dreamed of growing up to have her own happy family, filled with love and affection. She wants a large family, one where no one would ever be lonely! More importantly, she wants to have a bunch of kids to try and fill the void in her heart left behind from an unsavory childhood. Join her on her journey to fill the world with her children and spread her genes across the globe.

The Rules ♦️

In order to make this challenge more doable for my own sanity, I will be posting a tweaked version of the rules that I plan to follow. For the full rules, please visit the official challenge post. With that said, here’s how I’m gonna play:

  1. Babies will be aged up after notification that it’s almost their birthday.
  2. Toddlers will be aged up after getting level three in all skills.
  3. Children will be aged up after getting an A in school.
  4. Teens will be aged up after getting an A in school and a promotion in a P-T job.
  5. Young Adults will be moved out to make room.
  6. Male sims can only be used once to impregnate her.
  7. Work from home jobs only for the mother, can own a business.
  8. Traits and aspirations will be completely randomized.
  9. Occult children count as one.

Meet the Matriarch ♦️

Alola Philips dreams of having a big happy family, full of children and love because she grew up alone. She is family-oriented, wanting nothing more than to have a warm and loving family. While her mother loved her, she was always working to keep them above water and wasn’t around to give her the attention she desired. Despite being a young adult, she is quite childish, preferring to have fun with life opposed to acting mature and doing as she is meant to. Finally, she is a kleptomaniac and for good reason – she grew up in a poor household that survived paycheck to paycheck and she had to learn to be a thief in order to survive.

Table of Contents ♦️