100bc #1: It Begins (again)

Welcome to the 100 Baby Challenge!

Hello and welcome to my playthrough of the 100 baby challenge (for the nine millionth time). Hopefully this one will be the one where I finally complete the challenge ._.)/ With that said, let’s get into it!

After an eight-hour flight, Alola has finally arrived in Mt. Komorebi where she will begin this new chapter in her journey. She settled down on 2-4-1 Wakabamori, where she was able to negotiate quite the deal to have a house constructed. The problem? You get what you pay for and the deal turned out to not be quite such a deal after all.

It’s not symmetrical, there’s quite a draft and half the house is lifted while the other half is sitting flat against the ground. It’s not the prettiest thing to look at but it’s her home now. Hopefully she can earn money between births in order to slowly improve her home!

The first thing she did once she arrived at her new home was get her beetles set up in their home, giving them attention and making sure they had food. It may be a strange pet to own, but she has always loved her precious beetles. They bring her happiness and warmth and, up to this point, have acted as pseudo children to her. What will become of them once she begins having real children?

Once the beetles were settled in, she started up a small hanging garden to help with income. Who doesn’t love fresh fruit and herbs? It’ll take some time before they grow, but she is confident that the funds will come rolling in once they finally grow.

The neighbors have come to greet her and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s a male! Granted, a woman came over with him but she chose to ignore this fact, focusing all of her attention on charming said male. She’s got a mission to undertake, after all.

Alola: “It’s really nice that you came to welcome me to the neighborhood with your… sister.”

Naoki: “Haha, she’s my wife, not my sister. And you’re quite welcome!”

Alola: “Wife, huh…”

Keeping her eye on the female, Alola made sure to keep the conversation appropriate until the woman disappeared into the kitchen with the fruitcake. As soon as she was out of earshot, Alola lowered her voice and turned up the charm, testing the waters.

He was quite receptive to her charms, but his wife was not a fool and picked up on this immediately, mocking Alola and insulting her. Now, Alola has never been one to let people walk on her but she bit her tongue hard, not wanting to ruin the friendship she had begun to build up with Naoki. She didn’t want to steal him from her, anyway, she just needed to borrow his genes so she could carry out her dream! Why can’t this woman understand that?

2 thoughts on “100bc #1: It Begins (again)

  1. Nine millionth time? Dang 😂 Hey, you’re nothing if not persistent! Fingers crossed that you can complete the challenge this time around!

    Woops, and the first guy she meets just so happens to be married and visiting with his wife. I don’t think the whole “let me borrow your genes for a baby” thing will go over very well with her, but, well it’s the sims, so you never know!


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