The Life & Times of Kris Sears #1: the Players

All stories have humble beginnings and this one is no different. This tale begins with one Kris Sears, the main protagonist of this tale, as the name implies. But before we begin unraveling her tale, let us begin by exploring how she came to be in this world. Who could have guessed the twists and turns that her life would ultimately take? First, allow me to introduce our main players for this part of the story, for Kris did not just poof into existence!

Melanie is Kris’ mother, a woman who is focused more on work than anything else. She is a perfectionist and demands that everything be done a certain way. If it isn’t, she gets quite upset. She’s also ambitious, working hard to climb the corporate ladder and reach the top, no matter the cost to do so. She believes that, by doing this, she will secure her financial future, but it seems that she has lost her way somewhere on the path. Finally, she is non-committal. The last thing on her mind is being in a relationship, especially if it comes with marriage. How can she focus on work if she has a partner to deal with?

Greg is Kris’ father, a man that refuses to grow up and get his shit together. Raised by a criminal father who spent more time in prison than at home, he got used to spending his life alone, resulting in his loner trait. Despite this, he is family-oriented, caring deeply for his younger brother – he doesn’t consider very many people to be his family, but the ones he does deem worthy, he would go to bat for without question. Worst of all, he is evil. There’s very few he cares about and god save those that he deems unworthy because they tend to suffer by his hand. He delights in the misery of others, whether he’s the cause or not.

Stelle is Melanie’s mother and Kris’ grandmother, a woman that has lived through quite a bit. This has affected her view on life and she often times finds herself feeling quite sad, sometimes for no reason at all. Life is so hard, how can she not feel sad? Even so, she does whatever she can for her family, even when they don’t reciprocate the love she offers. Family is most important to her above all else, though it can leave her gloomy when those she cares most about doesn’t return those feelings. The problem is that she loves deeply, far more deeply than most are capable of. Finally, she is neat and, even though it often leaves her hurting, she does her best to keep a clean house.

Duane is Kris’ uncle and Greg’s younger brother, a young man that is full of life and only wants to better himself so he doesn’t end up a criminal like his father. He is fiercely loyal to his brother because he acted as more of a father than their real father. He is very athletic because it not only offered him a chance to escape his old life, but he was also able to vent his frustrations in a healthy way. Overall, he is a good sim that just wants to better the world and help those around him in any way that he can. He also has a deep love for the environment and wants nothing more than to make the world a greener place.

Finally, we have young Kris herself, who has yet to enter this world and discover what traits she will earn as the world shapes and molds her into an adult. Isn’t she just the cutest? Let us hope that the world treats her well and that she grows up to be a beautiful sim, inside and out.

And with that, all of our main players have been placed on the board. Soon, we will start to see them move about, building and breaking relationships, learning new things and regretting others.

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