100bc Chapter #2: Pregnant?

The next day, Alola asked Naoki out to the coffee shop to further woo him without his wife there to stick her nose into their business. It started out well, but other sims decided to intrude on their personal time. More specifically, an elder sim that felt the need to comment on their relationship.

Elder: “Ah, young love! So sweet and pure. I remember when I was your age, I was quite the player, hehe. Don’t squander your youth, live to the best of your ability!”

Wise words, to be sure, but clearly unwanted. Trying not to be rude, the pair settled into a less crowded room so they could get closer. After talking for a bit, she made a move and kissed him!

He was quite receptive to her advances and the date finished off well, but he had to head home and she had her own needs she needed to sort out. She felt sad that she wasn’t able to get pregnant, but tomorrow is another day. She headed home to get herself some food. She was so distracted by thinking about having her first child, she ended up cutting her finger!

After getting some food, taking a shower, and nurturing her precious beetles, she decided to pull out the media studio. She wanted to create her own SimTube channel to document her journey. Her first video? Reviewing the toys she bought for her children! Perhaps she should have changed clothes, but fanservice is the best way to get followers!

Once the video was posted, she headed to bed to prepare for the next day. As soon as she woke up, she sent a flirty text to Naoki and he responded by coming over to the house. They wasted no time trying for a baby.

But luck was not with her this morning and the pregnancy test came up negative. She was depressed by this, but Naoki convinced her to eat something before pulling out his violin. He began to play for her, a song that is said to increase fertility amongst sims. She isn’t sure it worked, but it certainly made her feel a bit more hopeful.

After filling her belly and completing the song, they tried once more to conceive and it worked! Alola is now pregnant with her very first child.

Naturally, she had to create an excited vlog, letting her small pool of followers know that she was expecting! They congratulated her and some tried to troll her, but nothing could ruin her current mood.

One thought on “100bc Chapter #2: Pregnant?

  1. I will never not be amused at how easy it is to make and break romantic relationships in the sims. I think my record was married in 4 hours. 😂 Let’s hope the rest of Alola’s challenge goes as easily as the beginning!


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