The Life & Times of Kris Sears #3: Trouble

The first couple of days were amazing. Melanie would go to work focused and then come home to Greg where he took her full attention, though most of their time was spent in the bedroom rather than sitting and talking. But as time slowly began to tick by, their passion began to transform into something darker. They began snapping at each other over the smallest of things, always arguing about this or that.

Honestly, most of their fights were over things quite small in the grand scheme of things and, if you were to ask her in the future, Melanie would not even be able to recall what this final fight was even about. What had been so bad that it was the final straw that broke their already flimsy relationship?

In this current moment of time, however, both sims were completely consumed by their negative emotions and, in the heat of the moment, neither were willing to see reason or talk it out. Perhaps if Greg had chosen to stick around and try to repair the rift, maybe things could have worked out, but he didn’t consider her family so he had no problem doing what he did best – running away when things became too tough. And run away he did. That day, he left Melanie’s house and she never saw him again.

Unfortunately for her, she began to feel unwell and when her boss ordered her to visit the doctor, she discovered that she was pregnant.

Many things ran through her mind with this news – anger, uncertainty, frustration. All negative emotions, none positive. She was not happy at the thought of being a mother, of having a child to distract her from her work more than she already had been since meeting Greg. She was a firm believer against abortion, though, and refused to get rid of the baby. She would just have to deal with it.

After she found out this news, the first person she told was her best friend, Kaori, whom she had attended high school with. Though they didn’t get to hang out as often as Kaori liked, she still remained loyal to her friend and rushed over when Melanie called her on the verge of tears. But Melanie is a strong sim and she refused to let those tears fall.

Kaori: “I know this is hard for you, but you have me if you ever need anything! Look at the positive side of this – a child is a true blessing. Hope for a healthy baby and things will work out.”

Melanie: “You’re right. So many sims try for children and just can’t conceive. This is a blessing that I need to cherish.”

Kaori: “Exactly! Remember: our lord never gives us more than he knows we can handle.”

As soon as Kaori headed into the house, Melanie’s smile dropped, her head falling into her hands. As badly as she wanted to believe those words, she was beginning to question if they were true or not. She had no faith in herself as a mother and the thought of having to quit work in order to raise the child terrified her. Work was her everything and she would not give that up.

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