University Challenge #1: Welcome to University!

Our eight troublesome sims have arrived at their new dorm, their majors chosen and minds set to endure torture.

Surprisingly, most of the group went straight to the kitchen and started studying. I had to force a couple of the others (cough CJ cough Carl) to join the party, but they all got to work!

These weirdos tried to bring their nasty fruitcake to the group but NOPE, we are on a mission sir and madam. Please turn yo asses around and exit the premises!

Trevor and Jim seemed to be getting along, though Trevor is feeling angry as usual. Probably because he can’t understand the homework in front of him hehe I’m not sure it’s a good thing for these two to get along, could mean the end of simworld!

Both of the loners of the group resorted to Yoga to center theirselves after having to sit with a room full of sims they don’t know. Strange how they both chose that out of all the activities in the house.

Friendships are beginning to form! Carl and FakeGamerGirl are getting along quite well, while Trevor and Jim seem to be bouncing evil ideas off of one another.

Well this isn’t awkward at all, guys. Good socialization skills.

Tiger went down to the kitchen, stayed for a solid minute and a half before turning on her heel and returning to yoga. Yoga is apparently good for stress, who woulda guessed, hey?

Everyone has finished their homework except for Trevor. I can’t tell if the girls are keeping him company or making him want to pull out the rest of his hair. Either way, things are going pretty well so far!

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