100bc Chapter #3: Crimelord Alola?

Alola wants to keep a family album to leave her children. Here’s the first picture to start off the journey!

After parting ways with Naoki, she decided she wanted to finally explore the neighborhood. She happened to catch something colorful from the corner of her eye and decided to investigate. While she has no idea what he’s supposed to be or from what, she can’t deny that he’s absolutely adorable! She just had to get a picture with him.

After taking a picture with him, he was kind enough to give her a gift!

Opening the capsule, she got this cute little creature~ It’s adorable and she’s sure her future children will love it.

While out and about, she got a text from Naoki with a surprising message attached!

The message certainly got her thinking about her actions. Is she really dastardly for dreaming of having so many children? Maybe because she chose donors who are in relationships? To be fair, she explained herself to him and he accepted! Either way, she is unable to get a job that requires leaving the house – she has a future family to think about! Speaking of…

She met a potential new father! Though he was quite cold to her and in a hurry, but that’s okay. She still has time to woo him before she gives birth.

She decides to visit the nearby food stalls to grab some food and when the worker leans down to hand her the food, she is immediately attracted to him. Time to turn on the charm!

With her belly full and new potential fathers on the board, she decides to head home to film another vlog. She’s feeling quite emotional – one moment she’s super playful and the next, she feels super tense! Other sims had always told her about pregnancy mood swings but experiencing them for herself is a whole ‘nother story.

Despite this, she put on a brave face and started to record what she hoped would be a playful vlog, but it quickly went downhill when she thought about a mean comment left on her last video. It wasn’t long before the playful vlog turned into a total rant.

By the time her head had cooled, she had been recording for an hour and she knew that would not be good footage to include so she decided to scrap it. Now she just needed to take care of the rest of her tense mood the only way she knew how – by playing with children’s toys!

Ignoring the fact that the toy slipped from her grip and hit her in the face. Let’s hope that she doesn’t get a black eye from it.

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