100bc Chapter #4: That’s Awkward

When the house was built, they left Alola a gift – a Patchy the pumpkin scarecrow. The construction worker claimed that Patchy had been handed down through his family for generations, but he had neither the space nor the desire to keep such an ugly thing. Always one for the strange or unusual, she decided to set him up beside her beloved beetles to keep them company.

To her surprise, this strange looking scarecrow has the ability to come to life! It seems to happen randomly and he seems friendly enough. He even knocked on the door and asked to be let in rather than just barging in – he also lectured her about locking her doors because it was dangerous, even in nice neighborhoods.

Over time, they started to talk and became friends. During one of these little chats, however, she discovered something quite… interesting about her new straw-made friend.

He hates children! She couldn’t believe it and didn’t have the heard to tell him that she was pregnant already and planned to have a houseful of little Alola’s running around. She wondered if this was a wise decision, but her choice had been made and she just couldn’t bring herself to tell him. He’d find out in a few days, in any case!

Plus, he’s super helpful around the house! He helps look after the beetles and the plants, and he even cleans off the ceiling fan, a chore that she has always despised. She came to the thought that he wasn’t much of a scarecrow – if anything, he was a helpfulcrow! The thought made her giggle and he sent her a curious look, to which she just shrugged and thanked him for his help.

To Alola’s delight, the cute vendor from the food stand sent her a text, asking if she wanted to hang out with him. If she weren’t pregnant, she would have jumped for joy! Not only was he a cutie and quickly becoming the perfect contender for father number two, he was also taking her to Von Haunt Estate. She had always wanted to visit the location, finding it to be absolutely beautiful, but it was mostly restricted to the public. You had to know someone to get an invite or you risk getting in trouble with the law.

While she wanted to explore, she didn’t want to be rude or ruin her chances with Daiki so when he took her by the arm and led her over to the chess table, she just smiled and focused on him and the game. Chess had never been a game that she was good at, but she did enjoy playing casually with people whose company made it worth it.

Hours passed by before she knew it and it was time to leave the estate as it was about to close up for the day. He took a quick trip to the bathroom and she used this time to snap a few pics!

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