A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 1: New Friend

Welcome to Fledermaus Bend in Forgotten Hollow! It used to be an empty plot of land, but with the §18,000 simoleons that our protag had in his pocket, he was able to build a small little house to call his own. It’s not much and it really only had the bare necessities, but isn’t it quite nice?

Speaking of, here is the protagonist of our story! His name is Amari Furuti, a young adult male sim. His favorite hobby is to read books, his favorite genre being fantasy and adventure, but he also really enjoys any material that teaches him new things. He’s quite the genius, as well, something he’s been gifted with since he was a small sim. Things just come easy for him, but this comes at a price – the lack of challenge in his life has led him to be quite gloomy.

The smallest of setbacks can send him into a sad fit, especially on the rare occasion that he fails at something. He gives his best at everything he does, but he hasn’t yet found what he wants to do with his life. With that, his current aspiration is renaissance sim – he wants to be good at many things! He is currently employed at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated as a mailroom clerk.

The first thing he wants to work on is his logic skill, so he purchased the first skill book with his leftover funds and got to work doing what he does best – learning!

Being a bookworm and a genius, he can finish books in half the time, so it didn’t take very long for him to read through and finish the book, but that’s okay! There’s plenty more books out there to read.

His favorite fruit is the apple, so he decided he wanted to plant an apple tree in front of the house. It’s out of season and will take a long time before it finally grows, but he doesn’t mind. He likes being able to watch it steadily growing.

With his first book finished and his tree planted, he decided to further his logic skill by playing chess. It’s always been his favorite game since he was a small child, though he rarely ever got the chance to play with other sims. While he was indoors playing chess, the other children were outside running and jumping.

As the sun sunk lower in the sky, however, he started to realize that the hallway was quite dark – the light had blown out! He didn’t have any spare lightbulbs lying about either, so he decided he would have to go out into the cold to buy one. Thankfully, there was a public library next to the store, and he was more than happy to stop by for a bit. First, he read the next volume of his favorite fantasy series – Lord of the Swings.

Once he was finished with that book, he took a moment to ponder what had happened while he waited patiently for one of the computers to open up – he still had reports he needed to write for his job and, since he doesn’t own a computer at home, he’ll have to do them there before returning.

He’s finished in about twenty minutes and he’s ready to head home to grab some food, but then he spots a chess table settled to the right of the door – he certainly hadn’t noticed that when he entered the building, but it had his full attention now. He decided it wouldn’t hurt to ponder some moves for a little bit, but doing so in a public space is an open invite for other sims to join him.

He felt a bit anxious when another sim settled down across from him, introducing himself as Seiji Yokoyama, the librarian. It was pretty awkward at first and he worried about putting his foot in his mouth, something he tended to do quite often, but the conversation went smoothly and he made a new friend! It helped that Seiji is also a bookworm that enjoys most of the same series that Amari enjoys.

They spent several hours just talking about books and playing chess, but then Amari’s stomach reminded him that he hadn’t eaten anything since that morning, and here it was, already night time. After saying goodbye to Seiji, he returned to Forgotten Hollow.

Not very many sims like this neighborhood and with good reason – rumor says that it’s plagued by vampires and all manner of unnatural creatures. It’s dark and dreary, and quite a small place, only offering a few plots of land. But to Amari, it’s a beautiful place to live. He enjoys the darkness because, to him, it feels peaceful and quiet.

He once read a book of quotes and one has always stood out to him:

“There is beauty in everything. Even in silence and darkness.”

Hellen Keller

He believed the sim that said that was quite the smart one. Most sims avoid the dark and the unknown, but how can you possibly learn if you’re not willing to explore even the darkest corners of the world? That’s how he views it, anyway.

Saving the pictures to his phone, he stepped into his home, shivering at the cold. On a night like this, nothing is more perfect than a nice hotpot under the kotatsu! Both had been a gift from his great grandfather when he passed away so Amari cherished them greatly.

With his belly full and his body warm, he tucked himself into the covers and allowed dreamland to claim his mind.

Author’s Note ♦️

So, if you haven’t read the info page for this series, I’ll say it here, as well. This story is for a challenge I’m playtesting for dryzoneau’s “Fruity Foundations”. If you want to know more or lend them a hand testing out the challenge, please visit this post on the forums. I would also like to note that I rarely play with male sims but my god, I’ve already fallen for Amari, I love him so much! ❤

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