A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 2: Milestone I

Today is Amari’s first day at work! All of his needs are in the green and he’s in a good mood, hoping to have a wonderful day at work! He’s adorable in his uniform, don’t you think?

When he returned home, he now had enough simoleons to buy a cheap computer. Now, he doesn’t need to visit the library to use theirs. Though, thinking about it, he wonders if it’s a good thing not having an excuse to visit the library.

After finishing up his reports, he decided he wanted to try a new recipe he learned online a few weeks ago. He had been wanting to try for a while now, but things had been a bit hectic and he just hadn’t gotten around to doing so. When he started making it, though, the knife slipped and he nicked his finger!

Don’t worry, though, it’s just a small cut! Running it under some cold water and then putting a bandage on it and he was good as new. He finished the dish and it looks quite appetizing~

Amari seems quite pleased with himself, as well. The dish tastes good and there’s plenty left over for the next day or two so he won’t have to cook anymore.

With the day quickly coming to a close, he decided to re-read the logic book to see if he could pick up anything he may have missed.

With that, he’s completed the first milestone of his aspiration! Congratulations, Amari, you worked hard to achieve it, but you still have some work to do before you’re done.

The day was pretty short and not much happened, but that is just the way life happens sometimes! He’s satisfied with the little bit of progress he’s made towards his goal and he can sleep well knowing he’s doing his best.

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