Searching Murkland x Prologue

No one really knows how it happened or even why, and most sims have long since forgotten the life they lived before the collapse happened. Once average and kind sims have now turned into cruel savages thinking only of themselves. You’d think the fall of simnity would bring sims together in the hopes of reclaiming what was once lost, but it only created an unfixable rift between them.

Kindness is such a rare commodity these days and, honestly, it’s not even worth taking the risk for. If you reach out to someone, hoping that they will show you kindness and help you, they will kill you and take what little scraps you have on you. If you decide to show someone kindness and try to help them, they will turn on you and kill you the first chance they get, stealing everything you worked so hard for. In these times, kindness means weakness and the weak get devoured.

But maybe I should backtrack just a little bit and introduce myself. My name is Makoto Sears and I’m a young adult, though I wasn’t when the collapse happened, and I am on a mission that I am determined to complete, no matter the cost. For most sims in these times, they simply want to survive, taking whatever means they must in order to do so, but my will is different. Yes, I want to survive, but there’s something I want a lot more than that. I just want to find my older brother, Brandon.

I remember it like it was yesterday, the collapse. The day had started like any other and there were no signs to indicate that something terrible was going to happen. My brother and I had gone out for the day with the intent to go grocery shopping, but we stopped by the park on the way to do some fishing. He never liked fishing, but he took me anyway because he knew how much I enjoyed it. The park, as usual, was full of sims of all ages, just enjoying their lives and the warm summer afternoon. It was the weekend and kids were out of school, adults not having work.

It was subtle at first, the tremors, but they gradually got worse until the entire world was shaking violently. I remember the water in the pond sloshing so violently that several fish were forced on land, being slung into the air repeatedly. The sun had been covered by dark clouds, but there was no other sign of rain. Terrified screams filled the air, mixing with the sounds of trees being uprooted and glass shattering as buildings began to crumble. Sims were scrambling to find their loved ones while also trying to find some semblance of safety, but there was none.

The last thing I remember is reaching out for my brother, trying to grab his hand as he reached out for me, but there were too many sims panicking, bumping into us and shoving us farther away from each other. The building beside me collapsed, large chunks of brick and concrete falling onto the crowd. A particularly large chunk landed right onto where I was standing and then everything went black. When I finally woke up, it was night time. The world around me was eerily silent and I was lying in a pool of blood, but it wasn’t my own. For the most part, I was unscathed, but I can’t say the same for the piles of bodies around me.

That was two years ago and I’ve been searching for him ever since. At this point, I don’t even know if he’s even still alive or if he’s dead. At the very least, he wasn’t among the dead in the park, that much I’m certain of. I won’t stop until I know for sure what became of him. And now… I finally have a lead. While travelling, I recently came upon one of my old neighbors who gave me information about this large settlement that he heard of. What was once Oasis Springs is now called Murkland and all manner of sims have settled there. He said it was a good place to search for my brother, but he seemed pretty nervous whenever I asked questions about the place.

It took me nearly two weeks to cross the destroyed terrain in search of Murkland, but I’ve finally reached the desert in which it resides. I’ve set up camp just outside the town for the night and I can just barely make out Murkland in the distance. I don’t know what lies before me, if the residents will be friendly or if they will try to kill me the moment they set eyes on me. Judging from the billboard leading into town, the residents don’t seem too welcoming to strangers.

For all I know, my death could be sitting there waiting for me, but that’s why I’ve started this journal. If I should meet my end, I hope you find this, Brandon. I hope you know that I never stopped searching for you and I love you dearly. And… I’m sorry for what I said to you the last time we were together. I wish I could take back those words but I can’t, no matter how many times I wish it. I just hope that you know I didn’t mean anything I said and that I’m sorry. I love you, bro, wherever you are. I hope you’re doing okay.

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