100bc Chapter #5: Caught!

Alola decided she wanted to record a beauty tips this time around and Patchy even decided to help her out by providing royalty free music! How kind of him~ She’s not even going to question how a scarecrow learned how to play violin.

She even wanted to try editing it for the first time, rather than just posting them and hoping for the best. It was confusing as all hell but she did her absolute best and she’s proud of the result!

To reward herself, she started to play with the buildem blocks table. She IS childish, after all~

Daiki even texted her again, asking her if she wanted to hit up the coffee shop with him and she agreed, of course – he’s to be the next father in her journey, after all! On the way to meet up with him, she even got a beautiful scenic shot to post to her Simstagram.

When she finally arrived, she turned on the charm by complimenting his appearance and asking how his day went and he was happy to return the compliment.

Once inside and surrounded by so many shiny objects, Alola couldn’t resist the urge to steal something. It really didn’t matter what as long as it was something, but her eye zoned in on one thing in particular: the cinnamon roll container.

Just as she reached for it, the barista turned toward her to ask what she needed and Alola was caught in the act!

The barista clearly wasn’t a sim for confrontation because she neither scolded her nor called the cops on her, instead she politely asked Alola to please not come behind the counter, even holding her hand out to indicate that the woman should leave. Embarrassed and annoyed, Alola followed the suggestion, settling down beside Daiki with a huff.

Daiki: “That was a pretty risky move.”

Alola: “I know~ but it just looked so beautiful and shiny! How could I resist? If anything, it’s her fault for leaving it just sitting on the counter.”

He only laughed at her comment before going back to his cake, offering her a bite. She was tempted, but she was feeling sick to her stomach and really didn’t want to risk eating anything at the moment.

Stranger: “Hey Daiki! It’s been a while, huh?”

Daiki answered her, but Alola zoned out, her gaze focused on the wall behind the woman. She kept a polite smile on her face and nodded every few moments but she couldn’t recall a word that was exchanged.

All she could think about was how she needed to stop having dates in public places because sims really do be nosey. Well, it wasn’t technically a date but still.

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