A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 3: A Simoleon Away

♦️ Author’s Note: This chapter doesn’t end with Amari getting into bed because I had to jump up and go scream at my cat for being a troublesome butthead lol I swear I paused my game, but I guess not! I came back and several hours had passed, he had already slept, and it was now the next day 😦 So, this chapter just kind of ends, sorry about that!

Amari woke up in a good mood and he told himself that today was going to be a great day!

This good mood led him to take a chance that he normally wouldn’t take. As usual, he put his foot in his mouth and it didn’t end well for him. But he tried his best, bless him.

On the bright side, he did a really good job at work and even got himself a promotion!

Though it was overshadowed by his earlier embarrassment with the CEO. It’s much easier to focus on the negative than the positive, after all. No one knows this better than Amari.

To calm himself down and escape from the situation plaguing him, he decided to spend some time on a good book. Granted, he had already read this book, but it still made him feel quite happy reliving the tale.

His reading time was interrupted by a phone call. Only, he didn’t know the sim in question!

Well, he certainly would love some happiness in his life, especially now. And it IS only one simoleon, after all. He decides to agree.

He certainly looks happier, especially from the perspective of this hot pot! And look, his new friend, Seiji came by to visit. That will boost his mood for sure.

After spending some time with Seiji, the man suggested practicing his speech to avoid another elevator incident, as they now refer to it as. He thought it was a pretty good idea and, at first, he felt quite confident. But then he found himself distracted by how… blue he looks in the mirror.

Confused, he glanced down at himself, holding out his arms. Surely he wasn’t that blue in real life, right?

Nope, definitely not blue! What a strange occurrence.

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