100bc Chapter #6: First Born!

Daiki decided to come over to the house, which is fine by Alola. She’s ready to pop any moment so it’s quite convenient to have him around! For some reason, though, he felt the need to serenade the toilet before using it.

Despite being an unflirty sim, Daiki was feeling quite lovey dovey and wanted to cuddle with her on the couch.

With him in such a good mood, she thought now was as good a time as any to test the waters so she kissed him for the first time. He was into it!

Honestly, she’s only begun her journey but she’s been thinking a lot about Daiki since meeting him. Is he the one for her? Who knows. Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones messing with her heart. She can’t deny that her heart skipped when he, too, enjoyed playing with the buildem blocks!

Alola was enjoying her grilled cheese, a staple in her household because they are cheap to make and because they are just awesome, when she suddenly went into labor!

It’s finally time! Baby number one is on the way~

It’s a girl! She decided to call her… Camila~

Welcome little Camila to the family!

Just look at how happy Alola is with her first child ❤

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