A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 4: the Right Thing

♦️ Author’s Note: I can’t remember if this episode was just SUPER long because he no longer needed to worry about work or if I just forgot to take a picture of him going to sleep, I apologize 😦 I decided to split them up because it would have been way longer if I didn’t.

Amari woke up and took care of his needs with plenty of time to spare before he needed to be at work, so he went for a walk around the area of his house. He found a collectible and just had the urge to, well, collect it!

Time for work! Get moving, Amari, you don’t want to be late.

Oh no! Amari is faced with a tough decision…

He would feel super guilty if he hid this information. Surely they wouldn’t think he was stupid enough to turn in the money if he was part of the scheme! He decided to do the right thing.

Poor Amari, he was fired for his trouble! Now he’s sad, but at least he did the right thing. He may be sad now, but at least his conscious is clear. He even earned a little fame.

He was super sad, though, and needed to have a cry under the covers to try and relieve some of his stress.

It did help, but he was still feeling sad so he called up Seiji for a chat.

Seiji suggested blogging about his feelings, which isn’t a bad idea at all. I wonder if it was because he didn’t know what advice to give or if he just didn’t want to deal with Amari’s whining. Either way, Amari decided to give it a try and it did make him feel better.

He had the entire day left and he decided that just going to bed wasn’t the best way to deal with his negative feelings, so he decided to go out to the bar. The fountain outside the bar was often used to toss coins into for good luck and he could definitely use some good luck in his life.

With good luck hopefully coming to him, he headed inside the bar to get himself a drink. He didn’t drink often so he decided to take it easy with just the one drink. Feeling drunk was not something he enjoyed, after all.

The bartender seemed to notice his ill mood and asked if he was okay. He hesitated, not wanting to bother a stranger with his problems, but she insisted, claiming it was all part of the job. Finally, he relented and told his tale.

She wasn’t the only one listening to him, though. The three women sitting beside him were listening in, adding their own commentary about how messed up the situation was and then complaining about their own issues. It was only the woman at the end that showed genuine care for his plight, telling him that he did the right thing and if that job couldn’t appreciate him, the job wasn’t worth it! He really appreciated her efforts to cheer him up. Her name, he learned, was Anaya Jang.

To distract him, the bartender offered to show him how to mix drinks. He had zero skill in this, but he had always wanted to learn the mixology skill so he agreed to give it a go. Anaya was cheering him on, as well!

He gave it a good try, but he kept spilling the liquid or dropping the cup. He got so upset that he earned himself a new quirk and not a good one, either!

On the bright side, it was ghost night so he was able to meet a bunch of ghosts for the first time and they were quite friendly.

Even so, he left the bar feeling not much better than he had when he first arrived.

Not even a nice picture of the scenery around him could lift his spirits! And what a nice picture it is.

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