Searching Murkland x One

Since the collapse started, I have to stay in shape, though that’s not too hard to do these days. There isn’t much to do when you’re not scavenging or sleeping so it’s a good way to pass the time. It reminds me of a better time, back when I was on the basketball team at school.

I’ve managed to find an abandoned strip of land. Someone clearly used to live here, but when I checked out the area, it became obvious that whoever used to live here had long since left this place. There are a few garden pots in the back, the soil barren and drier than the desert around me. The tent is mostly in good shape if you ignore the splotches of blood on the outside. What happened to those that lived here?

I chose to ignore this and decided to light the fire pit to see if the wood was able to be lit or if I needed to go in search of more wood. It was and I wasn’t as careful I should have been and the bandages on my arm caught fire. It singed my skin, but the bandage took most of the damage. Good thing I have a few spares to re-wrap my arm with.

Kevin also came over to check out the fire. Oh, I bet you’re wondering who Kevin is. He’s a baby brown bear that I found on my way to Murkland. He had injured his paw so he couldn’t walk and a couple of outlanders decided he was the perfect target for their next meal. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten involved – the last thing I need is more enemies, but I couldn’t turn my back on the poor creature. He was terrified and didn’t stand a chance, but he was still fighting back with everything he had. I can respect that.

I tried to talk them out of it. Even offered them a can of beans to move on, but they refused and attacked me. Ended up with quite a few cuts and bruises, but I was able to take them down fairly easily. They weren’t very athletic and they clearly hadn’t eaten in a while so their strength failed them and they ran off with their tales between their legs. I opened the can and gave the beans to the bear, which he hesitantly ate while staring directly at me.

I thought that would be that but, when I walked away, he followed. At first, I figured he wanted to wait until I was vulnerable and attack me but then I started to wonder if he was just lonely and scared. He was young, after all, and had probably watched his mother die or be murdered. So far, he’s shown himself to be a valuable companion. Sims tend to think twice about attacking you when they see a growing bear at your side.

This is him, investigating the fire I started. I think he was trying to figure out if he could attack it since it had “attacked” me.

The first thing I’ve noticed about Murkland is that most of the sims living here are quite… strange. I’ve gotten used to coming across quirky sims and dirty sims, but there seems to be something off about those residing here. It almost feels as if they are an entirely different race of people.

Every single one of my instincts tells me to stay away from them, to avoid them at all costs. Over the years since the collapse, I’ve grown used to being alone and avoiding other sims because they usually just bring trouble and, honestly, I’m content with that, but… if I want to find my brother, I’m going to have to talk to these people. Maybe I’ll wait until I come across a less strange one, though… or at least one that doesn’t make my hair stand on end.

Murkland is easily the largest town I’ve come across in my travels and there’s plenty of land to scavenge. Despite the dryness of the desert, I was able to find a frog. It can’t be eaten but I’m sure it will come in handy for something.

I found a couple plants, as well, but I know I need to be careful with them. Most of the plants had become poisonous since the collapse, so any fruits or vegetables I find can’t be eaten, but they can be kept and traded. There’s always someone that wants these things, though I have no clue what they use them for. I just have to wait for them to finish growing.

Hopefully it won’t take too long. I’ve come to Murkland with no simoleons and no supplies, as they ran out just before I arrived. I didn’t expect the journey to be so long to get here.

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