100bc Chapter #7: Mistletoe Date

Alola was recording a video when she started to hear the sound of music. At first, she thought it was just in her head, but as it turns out, it was just Naoki standing outside the door playing the violin! He didn’t even knock.

Well, since he didn’t knock and since Alola has other things to worry about, she just ignored him and started to cuddle up with Daiki. Now that she’s no longer pregnant, she needs to get to work on baby number two! But… what in the world is Daiki holding? Why is he cuddling it? And more importantly, why does he keep that in his pocket?

Ignoring the above questions, Alola turns on the charm and gets to work. It’s not long before they are sharing a bed!

Her energy was completely depleted so I let her sleep for a bit before taking a pregnancy test. In the meantime, Vlad the creeper tried to break into the house! Thankfully she heeded Patchy’s words and started locking the door. He was unable to enter.

After getting some rest, she fed Camila and then headed to the bathroom. She loves her child so much~

Is she pregnant? It took a few tries the first time around, so let’s see if it will repeat.

She’s pregnant! Baby number two is in production~ Now she needs to build up her relationship with father number three – Akito! He seems like a tough one to crack, I wonder how this will go? She called him out on a date and offered him the best gift she could think of – some sage.

Surprisingly, he enjoyed it and appreciated the gift! They were having a good old time despite the smoggy air in the neighborhood. Maybe they should get inside…

Being pregnant means that her needs fall more drastically than non-pregnant sims and, even though she had eaten a snack before leaving, she was feeling quite peckish! Once inside, she ordered herself a pretzel and look at how happy she looks eating it ❤

After finishing her pretzel, she and Akito sat down to chat for a bit as the bar started to get quite crowded. They were bonding over the fact that they are both kleptomaniacs and were discussing the thrill of the steal.

People were flooding in and she knew from experience that someone would come and interrupt their date, so she took him by the hand and brought him into the back of the lounge where no one was currently. Before he could question things, she shushed him with a kiss.

He had warmed up to her greatly in the time they’ve spent together and she found a sprig of mistletoe lying about. It’s a bit out of season, but she figured, why not!

With the bar now full of sims and their date coming to a close, she decided to just relax at the bar and, wouldn’t you know it, she met a ghost for the first time!

Thankfully, this ghost was quite nice and friendly.

🍼 Current Progress 🍼

Baby #1: Camila ♀️ | Baby #2: ???

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