The Life & Times of Kris Sears #6: Welcome to the World

Melanie woke up early this morning, feeling sick to her stomach. Her back was aching, her neck stiff, but she just figured it was the cheap bed that was the cause. She got dressed for work and was just applying her makeup when a sharp pain shot through her stomach making her gasp loudly, dropping the tube of eyeliner. The plastic clanked against the tile floor of the bathroom, rolling toward the door. She clutched the sides of the sink, eyes closed as she tried to focus on her breathing.

“Melanie? Are you okay?”

A gentle knock on the door, but Stelle didn’t wait for a response before pushing it open. She noticed the state of her daughter and instantly knew what was ailing her – she was going into labor! As quick as an elder can, she whipped out her phone and called a taxi, telling them to hurry because her daughter was about to give birth.

Once the call was complete, Stelle rushed back to her daughter, her hand on her back in an attempt to comfort her.

“Come with me, darling. Nice and easy!”

Melanie gave her a confused look, her brow furrowed in pain, but she didn’t have the strength to argue or question it. Instead, she slowly stepped out of the bedroom, leaning on her mother for support as she led her from the house. Every step down the stairs sent a jolt of pain through her and she gripped her mother’s hand far too tightly, but Stelle did not complain, she just continued to smile.

The taxi was already waiting for them by the curb and they climbed into the back.

“Step on it! … safely, please.”

The taxi driver nodded and got the pair to the hospital as quickly as he could while still being safe. He even got out to help Stelle shoulder some of Melanie’s weight as they all but carried her into the hospital. The receptionist looked up from the computer as she approached.

“Name and reason for visit?”

“I’m having a baby, you idiot!”

“Now, Melanie, no need to be rude.”

Stelle scolded her lightly, gently tapping the woman on the back before apologizing to the receptionist. The older man was understanding and got her into a room immediately, summoning the doctor and informing him of the situation. The doctor smiled at them as he entered the room.

“Good morning, ladies. My name is Isamu Kudo and I’ll be delivering your baby today. Please lie down on the table and we’ll begin.”

With the help of Stelle, Melanie laid down on the table, feeling nervous as the machine whirred to life around her. Stelle smiled as she stood over her daughter.

“Don’t worry, Melanie, I’m right here. You’ll be just fine.”

The words comforted Melanie and within a few moments and a lot of pushing, she gave birth to a baby girl that she named Kris. For the first time since finding out she was pregnant, she felt proud to be a mother. This small, strange looking creature had been carried within her for so long, it was a part of her, sharing her DNA.

At that moment, holding the helpless creature within her arms, she vowed to be the very best mother that she could.

“Welcome to the world… my beautiful little Kris.”

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