100bc Chapter #8: Toddler Camila

Camila is finally a toddler!

She’s an independent toddler which will help out Alola quite a bit!

And, of course, she had to snag a selfie with Daiki before he could leave to add to the family album!

The first thing she wanted to teach her daughter was basic needs. She won’t get many options to do this in the future when her house is full, so she wants to take advantage of it while she can.

She also bought a tablet for the kiddo to help her learn skills without assistance, and that’s fine with Camila – she prefers doing things on her own!

Alola needed some serious sleep, so she left Camila to her own devices – along with Daiki and Patchy… and the mail man for some reason lol

When she finally got her sleep up, she decided to take her little one to the festival of snow! Camila looks so confused haha

That confusion quickly morphed to excitement when she saw the mascot! They started dancing together while Alola watched.

He was more than happy to take a selfie with the toddler, who was just as happy to receive the attention.

🍼 Current Progress 🍼

Baby #1: Camila ♀️ (independent) | Baby #2: ???

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