A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 5: Bad Date

Seiji came over to spend time with Amari and they started to play chess together, but Seiji cheated by pointing to something behind him and switching the pieces! Maybe he was trying to impress Amari, but he still lost even after cheating.

After the chess game, he offered to give Amari a massage which he gladly accepted.

They spent a couple hours together, just getting to know each other before parting ways. It was the new premiere of Blue is the New Black but he didn’t have a TV so he messaged Anaya and asked if he could come over to watch it. She agreed, of course. It was his first time visiting the big city.

He thanked Anaya before settling down in the living room with her husband. They watched the premiere together, discussing what was happening every now and again.

The episode wasn’t very long and he didn’t want to overstay his welcome so he returned home and he was really feeling himself! The sadness of losing his job was beginning to wear off.

Finger guns are kinda lame, not gonna lie, but Amari is such a dork I love him so much.

Yes, make sure you put those guns away so you don’t hurt anyone! Seiji also stopped by again to spend some time with his friend.

He suddenly had the desire to kiss Seiji! With that in mind, and love day now here, Amari decided to ask him out on a date.

Seiji was quite receptive to the offer and the pair headed off to the bar to celebrate love day together!

Being quite a loving sim, he was excited to offer a rose to his love interest, but Seiji wasn’t happy with the gift!

He took the rose and just shoved it in his pocket before rushing off to talk to some woman sitting at the bar.

Despite being on a date with him, Amari was quickly forgotten and quite upset by this. He grabbed himself some food and just sat at the back of the bar looking at the pair. Poor guy.

He wasn’t alone for long, though. A sim named Darrel Charm noticed him sitting alone and waved Amari over to his table.

They talked for a good while with Amari complaining about his problems which Darrel listened to intently. He was surprised to learn about what Seiji had done and told Amari that he deserved better. Amari was so grateful that he gave the man a hug.

Unfortunately, Darrel is seeing someone so he isn’t a potential lover, but at least he’s around to be a good friend! He had to leave soon after to meet up with his girlfriend, which left Amari alone since Seiji had also left. He didn’t want to go home just yet because he knew he’d just be sad if he did so, so he decided to dance and try to shake off the negative emotions boiling inside him.

In doing so, the bar filled up with more people and he was able to make a couple new friends! It was a good way to distract himself.

By the time he made it home, he was far too exhausted to think about the day’s events. Sleep well, Amari, better days are ahead.

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