A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 6: New Day

Amari isn’t one to sit idly by doing nothing. It leaves him with far too much time to think and he doesn’t like that, not unless it was knowledge he was thinking about. And so, after spending three days without a job, he finally applied to the hospital. The thought of helping others was appealing to him.

First things first – he wanted to introduce himself to his co-workers and get to know them. Work would be hell if he didn’t get along with the people he was going to see every day, after all.

Before officially starting his day, he needed to practice proper hygiene by washing his hands!

He was then tasked with researching medical journals online. Knowledge is power, after all, and if he wanted to get promoted, he needed to expand his knowledge.

One of the younger patients was throwing a fit, scared and feeling unwell. While not technically his job, the others were busy with other patients or research so he decided to pop in and check on her. Asking if she was okay, he got an earful from her.

After calmly listening to her rant and rave, he was able to ease her nerves and get her to calm down before moving on to clean up the recently vacated rooms.

One of the doctors passing by in the hall asked him to bring some food to one of the patients in room B since the boy had been there since late last night and hadn’t eaten. Amari grabbed some food from the kitchen, making sure it was nice and warm, but not too hot. He then brought it to the young boy.

As the day wore on, he was beginning to feel his energy dropping, so he finished up what he was doing and headed into the small break room at the back corner of the hospital. He wasn’t a big fan of coffee, but he didn’t hate the taste and he needed to be alert for his job. He didn’t want to mess this up like he had his last job.

The coffee did its job and he was full of vigor as he went about the tasks set out to him. He even finished early, giving him some free time to read one of the medical books so he could brush up on the technology and terms.

When work ended and he returned home, he discovered that he had lost his fame gained from doing the right thing at his last job. While it did sadden him a bit, he felt more relieved than anything. Being in the spotlight was not something he ever wanted.

Now that winter had finally come to an end and spring had begun, he was super happy to find that his apple tree had grown! Seeing it filled him with pride.

He was just admiring it when a stranger approached him, introducing himself as Tomax Collette. He was going around handing out fliers about writing, offering to give people tips and tricks to get the most of their writing. While this isn’t something Amari had really considered, he invited the man inside anyway.

They got along quite well, especially with the fact that he was still energetic from the coffee he had drunk earlier.

They spent a couple hours talking, with Tomax discussing his career as a writer’s assistant and how much he enjoyed the craft. Finally, the two parted ways and his new friend returned home. Amari was just settling down when his phone buzzed on the table. It was a text from Darrel.

It was surprising that Darrel wanted to visit the romance festival with him and it even brought a blush to his pale cheeks, but he had to remind himself that Darrel was seeing someone. This wasn’t a date, it was just two friends hanging out at a festival. His girlfriend was probably just busy and couldn’t join him. Taking a deep breath to calm his speeding heart, he responded to the message, agreeing to meet the male at the festival.

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