The Bewitching Sears Clan #1: Fresh Romance

The day had finally arrived – Jaiden’s home was built, furnished, and waiting for him to make it his own.

He sent a text to his mother, letting her know that he had arrived safely at his new home.

The first thing he did as soon as he entered? Naturally, he got to work playing his newest video game! Being in the tech guru career meant that he got a lot of video games for free to test out. That was easily his favorite part of the job.

Before he knew it, several hours had passed him by. This was interrupted when a knock came at the front door, breaking him from his tunnel vision. When he answered, he was surprised to find Mortimer Goth standing there with his wife, Bella, close behind.

Mortimer and Bella had been friends with his parents for years, long before they left Willow Creek before Jaiden’s birth. It made since that his mom would ask them to check up on him. He invited the couple inside, giving them a house tour before settling down in the living room to catch up. It had been a long time since he last saw them.

He had always gotten along well with Bella, especially since they’re both good sims. It also helps that she was his first crush, but that’s beside the point. After spending an hour chatting, the pair needed to leave so they didn’t miss their dinner reservations. He was feeling quite peckish, as well, and he certainly didn’t want to eat the fruit cake they had brought with them, so he headed down to the bar. His need for food instantly left him when he spied a cute girl dancing to the music playing through the bar.

She was cute, to be sure, but she didn’t seem too interested in him and kept blowing off his comments. Finally, he gave up on her and headed over to the bar to grab a drink and some chips. There, he found a beautiful girl sitting at the end of the bar. He was immediately attracted to her.

Her name was Jade Rosa and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, even prettier than Bella! Naturally, he turned on his romantic charms and tried to woo her.

She was quite receptive to his charms, finding him just as attractive as he did her. They left the bar room to find some quiet, settling down at the back of the room.

They chatted with each other until the sun started to sink and he knew he needed to return home soon, despite not wanting to leave her behind.

Jaiden decided that the best way to say goodbye was with a kiss.

With a new romance fresh in his brain, Jaiden returned home feeling quite cheerful.

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