The Life & Times of Kris Sears #8: Too Much

The first week of motherhood left Melanie feeling happy and proud of herself. She jumped up every time Kris cried, consoling her child before checking to see if she needed to be changed. She kept her daughter on a strict feeding schedule that was recommended by some online mommy blog that Kaori had sent her.

As the weeks passed into months, however, she was beginning to feel over the whole motherhood schtick. It seemed as if every time she went to lay down to get some rest, Kris would start crying. Every time she sat down to eat, Kris would cry. And every time she tried to work on the reports for work, Kris would cry. Her wails were beginning to echo in Melanie’s mind and the woman just wanted to smash her head into the wall. Still, she did her best to console her child.

Where she was once energetic and on top of dealing with Kris, she now found herself dreading to go into the child’s room. She started to ignore the crying, covering her head with a pillow or turning up the TV so she didn’t have to hear the sound anymore. It was driving her nuts!

Once proud of her daughter, Stelle was growing more and more disappointed with each passing day. Not only that, but the older woman had to pick up the slack, often times having to jump up and scurry into the room to check on the infant.

She loved her granddaughter, but she was not her mother! She had already gone through the hell of raising children and watching them grow up before flying from the nest. She was far too old to do it all again but it was starting to look like she’d have to. If she didn’t, she doubted her daughter would and little Kris would suffer.

Stelle did her best but the pressure of raising an infant was beginning to weigh on her and she was growing sadder by the day. It all came to a head when Stelle was in the kitchen making dinner while Melanie sat in her room, working on the reports for work when Kris started to cry. It was about that time for her to cry for food. The bedroom door was open and Stelle knew for a fact that Melanie could hear her child, but the infant continued to cry and cry and cry until –


Stelle threw the pan onto the counter, food spilling across the countertop and onto the floor but she didn’t care as she stomped her way down the hall and into Melanie’s bedroom. It was about time her daughter got a stern talking to!


“Not right now, mom, I’m right in the middle -“

“I don’t care what you’re doing! I am sick and tired of you not paying attention to your own child. You made the choice to have unprotected woohoo and get pregnant, now get off your ass and take care of your responsibilities!”

“I AM taking care of my responsibilities! If I don’t work, we don’t eat! The whole reason I allowed you into my home is to watch that kid so I can focus on work! You don’t have to run in there every time she cries, you know!”

“Yes, you do! That’s part of being a mother!”

“What would YOU know about being a mother? Most of the time we were raised by dad!”

“I did my best, Melanie, you know that.”

“Your best wasn’t good enough.”

“Well, at least I tried! That’s more than I can say for you!”

With heated words exchanged between the two women, Stelle stomped out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. She tried to control her anger as she fed Kris and changed her diaper, but even the infant could sense that something was wrong and didn’t kick up a fuss.

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