A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 7: Romance Fest

In keeping with the theme of the festival, as soon as Amari met up with Darrel, he made sure to throw some rose petals at him as per tradition 🤍 Unfortunately, Darrel did not like it and it left him feeling quite embarrassed.

That’s okay, though. He apologized and the pair headed over to grab some of the beautiful sakura tea.

They took a seat at the picnic tables and started to chat.

Isn’t the festival just beautiful? He’s only visited the big city on a handful of occasions, which was fine with him – big city life wasn’t something he enjoyed, but he knew how to appreciate it nonetheless.

The big city is also the only place where you can find something as cool as sakura tea. It’s beautiful and quite tasty to boot.

Not only was Amari feeling flirty, but he was also feeling quite playful and mischievous.

I was worried how Darrel would react to this, but he found it quite amusing!

Amari went ahead and bought the festival t-shirt to better fit in and it was surprisingly soft and comfortable on his body!

He also picked up a little something for Darrel~

Sparklers! He used to play with them all the time when he was just a child. They bring back fond memories.

Darrel appreciated the gift, but he didn’t want to use his at that moment. That’s okay, though. Amari’s just glad that he appreciated the gift. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun on your own sometimes.

The festival was coming to a close and Darrel had to head home, but Amari decided he wanted to stay a bit longer. It was a beautiful place to be, after all.

He heard a strange sound behind him and got quite a fright when he turned around!

What a strange man! He did his best to ignore this and steered clear of him, choosing to settle back down at the table. He had a very nice conversation with another sim by the name of Sergio Romeo.

And then the festival came to an end. Amari was exhausted and it was quite late, so he headed straight home and practically fell into his bed.

Sweet dreams, sweet Amari.

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