A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 8: Good Company

Amari is regretting his choice to stay up so late at the festival. He feels as if he’s hungover when he heads into work. The lack of sleep has also made him feel quite gloomy.

Even so, he did his best to lift his spirits by greeting his co-workers, just as he did every morning. It seems he isn’t the only one in a bad mood today, though. His co-worker berated him for no reason!

This further fueled his gloominess and he retreated to the bathroom where he could have some time to himself to try and calm himself down.

Once he had calmed down, he got to work helping the patients to keep his mind off of the dark thoughts lingering in the back of his mind. One of the patients was feeling quite hungry, so he made sure to get them a proper meal.

When lunch rolled around, he stopped long enough to take a picture of the scenery outside the hospital. So simple, yet so beautiful. At least to him.

It had begun to rain, creating shallow puddles across the earth. It just added to the beauty, in his opinion.

For lunch, he had a freshly made BLT. It lifted his spirits a bit, as good food usually did.

It seems Amari’s co-worker was not feeling in any better spirits. As soon as Amari walked by, he was once again berated by the older man.

Even so, he did his best to stay in better spirits, which was easier to do with a belly full of good food. He even got to meet a celebrity! Though he thought it in poor taste to ask for an autograph when she was feeling so poor of health.

After seeing to it that she got to her room, he informed the doctor that she was there before setting about cleaning up the various messes that had formed at the hospital.

And a fine job he did! At least, his boss seemed to think so because he was given a promotion. One which he worked hard for.

Upon returning home, he found two men loitering about in front of his home. Gunther Munch and Salim Benali, they introduced themselves as.

He greeted them before inviting them into his home, putting on a hot pot to share. Salim was more than willing to share in some reading time while the food cooked, but Gunther headed straight for the computer.

The food finally finished and the three of them gathered around the hot pot to enjoy the meal together. A bond formed between new friends~

They shared the warm food, nice conversation, and good company before parting ways. Amari cleaned up the mess and settled into bed.

Sweet dreams, dear Amari~

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