Legacy, She Wrote (G1) vol 1

I finally started my addition to the Plain ‘ol Legacy. I started her out in San Myshuno because that’s the place that felt right. The first thing she did was watch Diamonds are for Sims.

She started the Style Influencer career, which was randomly chosen for her. Her first work-at-home assignment was to get out and interview sims, so I sent her down. Interview one was with Miko Ojo only she forget to bring some paper and ended up taking notes on her hand.

After returning home to grab a notepad, she headed back out and the next person she interviewed was Alice Martin.

She had a whim to buy a bee box, which isn’t going to happen because there’s no terrace and there’s no way I’m putting a bee box in the apartment. She also wants to earn §100.

By this time, the snow globes had appeared so I sent her to snatch a couple of those.

Finally, she stopped Nancy Landgraab to get her third and final style interview. With her work-at-home assignment completed and the snow globes sold, she was able to complete her whim of §100 simoleons.

Honestly, I’m not sure why but I find this sim so gorgeous, she’s probably my favorite female sim and my second favorite sim overall (behind Amari from my Furuti Outcome series).

She sat in the community square for a while and she meets a man named Jules Rico whom she finds to be pretty cute.

After building a bit of a friendship with him, she returns to her apartment to find that her neighbors have come to welcome her.

Jesminder Bheeda, Geeta Rasoya, Arun Bheeda, and Raj Rasoya. She invited them inside but she doesn’t have much furniture.

Arun brought fruitcake, claiming that it’s a family heirloom. Does that mean he’s had it for an undocumented amount of time just waiting to give it away?? Kind of freaky if I’m being honest.

Aspen has never tried fruitcake before so she gave it a try. Let’s see if she likes it.

She most definitely did not like it but she didn’t want to be rude to her new neighbors so she forced herself to finish it.

What’s strange is that after she finished the her slice, she got inspired by it despite not liking it.

Judging from Aspen’s expression, I’m guessing that she’s just as confused as I am.

The life of a sim is never easy and is usually always confusing.

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