A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 4: the Right Thing

♦️ Author’s Note: I can’t remember if this episode was just SUPER long because he no longer needed to worry about work or if I just forgot to take a picture of him going to sleep, I apologize 😦 I decided to split them up because it would have been way longer if I didn’t.

Amari woke up and took care of his needs with plenty of time to spare before he needed to be at work, so he went for a walk around the area of his house. He found a collectible and just had the urge to, well, collect it!

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A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 3: A Simoleon Away

♦️ Author’s Note: This chapter doesn’t end with Amari getting into bed because I had to jump up and go scream at my cat for being a troublesome butthead lol I swear I paused my game, but I guess not! I came back and several hours had passed, he had already slept, and it was now the next day 😦 So, this chapter just kind of ends, sorry about that!

Amari woke up in a good mood and he told himself that today was going to be a great day!

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