A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 7: Romance Fest

In keeping with the theme of the festival, as soon as Amari met up with Darrel, he made sure to throw some rose petals at him as per tradition 🤍 Unfortunately, Darrel did not like it and it left him feeling quite embarrassed.

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A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 4: the Right Thing

♦️ Author’s Note: I can’t remember if this episode was just SUPER long because he no longer needed to worry about work or if I just forgot to take a picture of him going to sleep, I apologize 😦 I decided to split them up because it would have been way longer if I didn’t.

Amari woke up and took care of his needs with plenty of time to spare before he needed to be at work, so he went for a walk around the area of his house. He found a collectible and just had the urge to, well, collect it!

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A Furuti Outcome, G1 Day 3: A Simoleon Away

♦️ Author’s Note: This chapter doesn’t end with Amari getting into bed because I had to jump up and go scream at my cat for being a troublesome butthead lol I swear I paused my game, but I guess not! I came back and several hours had passed, he had already slept, and it was now the next day 😦 So, this chapter just kind of ends, sorry about that!

Amari woke up in a good mood and he told himself that today was going to be a great day!

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