The Life & Times of Kris Sears #8: Too Much

The first week of motherhood left Melanie feeling happy and proud of herself. She jumped up every time Kris cried, consoling her child before checking to see if she needed to be changed. She kept her daughter on a strict feeding schedule that was recommended by some online mommy blog that Kaori had sent her.

As the weeks passed into months, however, she was beginning to feel over the whole motherhood schtick. It seemed as if every time she went to lay down to get some rest, Kris would start crying. Every time she sat down to eat, Kris would cry. And every time she tried to work on the reports for work, Kris would cry. Her wails were beginning to echo in Melanie’s mind and the woman just wanted to smash her head into the wall. Still, she did her best to console her child.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #7: Time with Mom

On the afternoon after Kris’s birth, Kaori stopped by to check on her best friend, to see the new addition to the Sears family and, most importantly, to offer a gift to her friend. The gift in question was a brand new set of makeup, as Melanie was running low on several items and just hasn’t had the free time to visit the store to buy more.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #6: Welcome to the World

Melanie woke up early this morning, feeling sick to her stomach. Her back was aching, her neck stiff, but she just figured it was the cheap bed that was the cause. She got dressed for work and was just applying her makeup when a sharp pain shot through her stomach making her gasp loudly, dropping the tube of eyeliner. The plastic clanked against the tile floor of the bathroom, rolling toward the door. She clutched the sides of the sink, eyes closed as she tried to focus on her breathing.

“Melanie? Are you okay?”

A gentle knock on the door, but Stelle didn’t wait for a response before pushing it open. She noticed the state of her daughter and instantly knew what was ailing her – she was going into labor! As quick as an elder can, she whipped out her phone and called a taxi, telling them to hurry because her daughter was about to give birth.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #5: Confrontations

It was night time, the neighborhood silent as sims settled down for the night. Melanie was still at work with just under an hour left in her shift and Stelle was just settling down under the covers with the book she had been trying to finish for nearly a month now. Just as she opened to her bookmark, she heard a very subtle creak coming from the hallway. If her bedroom wasn’t right beside the front door, she may not have even heard it, but she most certainly did. Her eyes darted to the clock. It wasn’t yet time for her daughter to return home. Had something happened?

Book still in hand, she threw the covers off of her and rushed out into the hall only to gasp at the sight. It most definitely was NOT her daughter – it was a strange man she had never before seen! He was creeping into the house like a villain in some action movie and when he realized she was standing in the doorway, his eyes resembled saucers. Stelle’s surprise quickly turned to anger as she put her hand on her hip, waving her book angrily at the man.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #4: Strange Encounter

With the threat of being unable to work with the new addition to her family, Melanie decided to bite the bullet and called for reinforcements in the form of her mother. Now, these two ladies didn’t always see eye to eye! Stelle, her mother, was more of an old-fashioned kind of gal, set in her ways and far too old to try and change now. Melanie, on the other hand, was far more relaxed when it came to how things used to be versus how things are these days – for example, having children out of wedlock. Stelle could never imagine such a thing, but it wasn’t so uncommon in Melanie’s circle.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #3: Trouble

The first couple of days were amazing. Melanie would go to work focused and then come home to Greg where he took her full attention, though most of their time was spent in the bedroom rather than sitting and talking. But as time slowly began to tick by, their passion began to transform into something darker. They began snapping at each other over the smallest of things, always arguing about this or that.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #2: Fated Meeting

Our tale begins one afternoon in Spring, at a small little coffee shop. Melanie wanted nothing more than to be at work, but she was maxed out on overtime and unable to trade in her day off. Instead, she decided to partake in her second favorite past time – coffee. As usual, the coffee shop was steadily filling with people as the sun rose higher into the sky. None of them caught her eye, all familiar faces that she’s seen a million times before. But today was a bit different – there was one man she had never seen before in town, a man covered in tattoos and piercings.

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The Life & Times of Kris Sears #1: the Players

All stories have humble beginnings and this one is no different. This tale begins with one Kris Sears, the main protagonist of this tale, as the name implies. But before we begin unraveling her tale, let us begin by exploring how she came to be in this world. Who could have guessed the twists and turns that her life would ultimately take? First, allow me to introduce our main players for this part of the story, for Kris did not just poof into existence!

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