One Stormy Night (SS)

Author’s Note ♦️

So, I’m not at all confident in this story :/ I feel like it’s super cliché and just… stupid. But I put in the work, so I might as well post it, hey? This was written for the March 2021 edition of the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge (here’s the forum thread for it, as well). I also struggled with the word count. I was over 700 words over and had to seriously downsize, so I feel like the “story” is way too choppy but I can’t think of anything better so… here’s my trash lol

  • ♦️ Genre: Friendship, attempted horror, crime
  • ♦️ Word Count: 999
  • ♦️ Originally Written: 03/27/21
  • ♦️ Prompt: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
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