Finding My Way Info & Index

Introduction ♦️

So, I’m not really sure what to say about this playthrough. Good start, right? lol Let me explain what I hope to achieve with this gameplay. I’ve been watching Call Me Kevin on YouTube for a while now and I LOVE his Sims 4 series surrounding the infamous Jim Pickens. I really want to have a series that goes on as long as his, is as fun, and surrounds one sim rather than a legacy. I feel like, no matter what I do, my game will never live up to what his has become, and that’s fine. If I can get any small amount of semblance in my series as he has in his, I’ll be happy.

Anyway, here’s the general idea for the playthrough – I want to take my sim through every single pack and expansion in order because, while I’ve experienced some stuff from each pack, I haven’t fully explored them. Aging will be normal, but my main sim will not be aging. Let’s see if I can’t explain that away a bit in the story, hehe. With that said, let us move on to the backstory, shall we?

By the way, the house she begins in is called Mountain Cottage and it was made by TheSimSupply on the gallery. I did edit it quite a bit, but it was still built by him! c:

The Protagonist & Backstory ♦️

This is the main sim of this playthrough. Her name is Jen Sears, a young adult whose aspiration is the Curator because she loves to collect stuff. She’s a complete cat-lover and she also loves the outdoors, but she’s a bit mean. She doesn’t really like other sims, preferring animals over sims. If you tell her about an injured animal, she’ll be super upset, but if ill fortune befalls a sim, she really couldn’t care less. This is why she prefers to avoid them. She’s always been this way ever since she was a child which led her to be on her own more than with others. Jen doesn’t know where she belongs or even what she wants in life, but she’s hoping to find it now that she’s off on her own. Unknown to her, a mysterious stranger has been watching her for a while and her life is about to flip completely on its head!

This is her beloved cat, a mixed breed named Karupin! He’s quite the clever kitty and he’s also a free spirit, preferring to do his own thing, but that doesn’t mean he loves his owner any less. Finally, he is a prowler – he loves to disappear into the night, seeing what manner of mischief he can get into and what gifts he might be able to collect for his owner.

Jen and Karupin live in Willow Creek, at Bargain Bend, Foundry Cove. She currently works part-time as a shelf stocker at BuyMartShack Company, Inc., which is a retail store in Willow Creek. It’s not the best job and she has to deal with irate customers on a regular basis, but it’s better than nothing. Since she’s a high school drop out, there aren’t too many options available to her in the job market! She just has to keep trying in order to get a better job – hopefully before her savings runs out.

Index ♦️

  • Chapter 1: