Just a Fatal Attraction Info & Index

Introduction ♦️

So, I started this challenge in December of 2019 and it was my absolute FAVORITE series that I was working on, but then I lost my computer and I lost the save and all the screenshots. It sucks because the series was almost finished, too! But, now I’m back into the sims game and I want to try the challenge again. I doubt it’ll be the same, but hopefully it will still be fun. Visit the official challenge page for the Black Widow Challenge to see the official rules and information.

The Protag & Backstory ♦️

Meet Rogue Westfall, a young adult who dreams of being a serial romantic. She grew up in a small, rundown home with her parents who fought daily and struggled just to keep the power on. As a child, she had more of a relationship with the repo man than her own parents, which was fine with her. This upbringing shaped her into the young woman she is today – an evil simoleon-hungry shark that cares little for others and when she looks at sims, all she sees are simoleon signs. Her goal? Wed and kill off ten different partners to get rich fast and easy!

There’s only one problem… she ends up meeting a man that awakens feelings in her she didn’t even think possible. Will her love of simoleons be stronger than these new feelings? Just how far is she willing to go for this mysterious man? Are children on the forecast for her? And if so, will they fall victim to bad parenting, therapy, and social service visits? Will the butler actually be useful or will they just get abducted by aliens? These answers and more can be found within! Enter if you dare, dear reader 😉

Traits: Evil, Self-Assured, Materialistic

And what kind of tale would this be without a trusty companion at Rogue’s side? With that in mind, meet Karupin the raccoon! He’s a glutton, curious, and a prowler~ Now, you may be wondering how Rogue came to own a raccoon as a pet, and that’s quite the good question. And the answer is… I have no idea! One day she was living alone and the next, she was living with a raccoon. We don’t question these things, okay?

Finally, let’s talk about her home! She lives in the Stonestreet Aparments in Evergreen Harbor because it was cheaper than trying to rent an apartment in San Myshuno. If things go her way, though, she won’t be living here for much longer. Soon, she’ll have a mansion of her own!

Guidelines ♦️

  • Meet a sim and marry them.
  • Move into their home.
  • Have a dinner party.
  • Find a new love interest.
  • Get caught cheating.
  • Murder partner.
  • Rinse and repeat ten times.
  • Keep tombstones on lot.
  • Can not have a job, can sell collectibles.
  • Marry only single partners.
  • Max cooking skill.
  • Max charisma skill.

Index ♦️

Little Black Book ♦️

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