In a Year, Day #1: the Journey Begins

Author’s Note ♦️

So, I’ve decided to post this playthrough as a photo album rather than a story and just let the photos themselves tell the story. I want to apologize in advance because I take way too many screenshots lmao I tried to cut them down as much as I could but there’s still a lot. I’ve also decided to only play this save from 12am to 12am in game time so I’m playing one full game day for each real life day c: I was originally going to start on March 1st, but I thought it would be cool to post this on my birthday instead~ I hope you enjoy!

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University Challenge #5: Angery Florida

You know, you’d think after spending so much time making ɥʇǝɯ, Trevor would be a bit better at cooking 🤔 Then again, he probably just makes Ron do it, hey? Ooo what if Ron and what’s his face came to visit Trevor? ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ They’d be like parents coming to embarrass their child, ho ho

Also, don’t worry Trev, Carl wasn’t paying attention and totally didn’t see you dump the salt into the mac n cheese.


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Searching Murkland x Prologue

No one really knows how it happened or even why, and most sims have long since forgotten the life they lived before the collapse happened. Once average and kind sims have now turned into cruel savages thinking only of themselves. You’d think the fall of simnity would bring sims together in the hopes of reclaiming what was once lost, but it only created an unfixable rift between them.

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Mittens the Kitten (SS)

Author’s Note ♦️

I imported this over from my old blog as it’s a mess and I no longer use it. With that said, the old watermark will be present on the images c: Here is the original author’s note that I posted with this SS:

So, I wrote this in dedication to my cat, Mittens. She was my first pet and she was the best damn cat in the world, so smart and loyal. She was my rock, my best friend, but in February of 2019, I lost her. I’m still grieving nearly a year later and I wanted to write this. I hope it’s not trash.

CREDIT; The animal shelter I used in this story was created by 75Charlie75 on the gallery. It’s called “Vikkis Animal Shelter”.

  • ♦️ Genre: Slice of Life, Fluff, Family
  • ♦️ Word Count: 2,805
  • ♦️ Prompt: Firsts (Short Story Challenges)
  • ♦️ Originally Written: 12/28/19
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100bc Chapter #4: That’s Awkward

When the house was built, they left Alola a gift – a Patchy the pumpkin scarecrow. The construction worker claimed that Patchy had been handed down through his family for generations, but he had neither the space nor the desire to keep such an ugly thing. Always one for the strange or unusual, she decided to set him up beside her beloved beetles to keep them company.

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