Searching Murkland Info & Index

Introduction ♦️

This is a pretty popular challenge so you may have heard of it already, but if you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to the Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Challenge created by Brennachan over on the forums. They put in some much effort into this challenge so make sure you head over and give them some love! It took me a while to get this set up because I guess my computer had too much running at once while trying to place the lots and it glitched out a couple of times lol my computer was lagging so bad, but I just had to restart and it was a-okay!

Disclaimer and Credits ♦️

  • Every lot and townie placed within the new Oasis Springs was made by Brennachan and can be found on the gallery.
  • The “bear” companion was made by Graciegrou2008 on the gallery.
  • The main character, Makoto, and her brother, Brandon, were made by me.

Rules ♦️

  • ♦️ Acquisition Faction ~~ level 7 gardening / level 8 charisma
  • ♦️ Overgrown Library ~~ 10am – 6am
  • ♦️ Oasis of Portals ~~ level 10 wellness
  • ♦️ Money down to 0
  • ♦️ Grow 16 trash plants from scratch / evolve them to perfect
  • ♦️ Can only eat trash fruit
  • ♦️ Pay bills to eat from coolers.
  • ♦️ Collect and sell things
  • ♦️ Can only eat bonefish
  • ♦️ Can only visit granite falls
  • ♦️ Granite Falls showers are only open Mon, Wed, and Fri.
  • ♦️ Hot Springs open Mon, Wed, and Fri.
  • ♦️ Max dancing skill.
  • ♦️ Max gardening skill.
  • ♦️ Complete friend of the world aspiration.
  • ♦️ No phones, must meet face to face.
  • ♦️ Save at least 15,000 simoleons.
  • challenge > Did not pay bills
  • challenge > zombie
  • challenge > gym side step
  • challenge > overgrown library

Protagonist & Backstory ♦️

Meet Makoto Sears, a young adult woman desperately searching for her lost older brother, Brandon. After two years of searching, she now has a new lead as to where her brother might be – the town of Murkland. Once Oasis Springs, it’s now home to a wide range of vagrants, miscreants, and supernatural creatures. Most people steer clear of this town because of how dangerous it is, but Makoto is determined to find her brother and if there’s a chance he’s there, she will take the risk. She has the friend of the world aspiration because she needs to make friends with the residents before they will open up and provide information. She is active, a loner, and hot-headed.

By her side is a young brown bear cub named Kevin. She isn’t sure where he came from or how he’s survived on his own for so long, but she’s okay with him following her around. She rescued him from a group of scavengers looking to make him their next meal and, since then, he’s been eternally loyal to her. The world has hardened him, though, and he is now aggressive towards everyone but her. He’s also quite stubborn and doesn’t do well being ordered around.

Index ♦️