The Bewitching Sears Clan Info & Index

Introduction ♦️

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to wield magic? Well, I found the Harry Potter Legacy challenge and I really want to give it a go because I haven’t messed around with the realm of magic ep that much! Check out the original post because I tend to edit the rules to fit my own game style.

The Protag & Backstory ♦️

Jaiden Sears has just moved to Willow Creek in search of something. The problem is that he doesn’t know what that something is! For generations, his family has basically been living the same way – the women stay at home, taking care of the family, while the men went to work in the tech industry. Now, he had no problem with this and he really enjoyed being in the tech guru career, but he just wanted more. A change of scenery, perhaps. Or maybe even a switch in perspective. Whatever it is that his soul is longing for, it’s led him from Oasis Springs to Willow Creek. Jaiden is an overall good sim, quite romantic, and always the goofball.

Credit ♦️

Here is the house that Jaiden will be living in, found on the gallery c:

Index ♦️

The Generations ♦️

Generation 1 ~~ Muggle

  • Female = House wife.
  • Male = Tech Guru.
  • Live in Willow Creek.
  • Get Married.
  • Have at least one child.
  • Have one night stand with stranger in Glimmerbrook.
  • SC child takes M child to Glimmerbrook.
  • M child learns they have magic.
  • Both are kicked out.

⭐ Generation 2 ~~ Muggle-Born

  • Goofball and/or creative trait.
  • Move to Glimmerbrook.
  • Make three friends.
  • Have four children (Genius (r), Ambitious (s), Self-Assured (g), Good (h)).
  • Have an owl familiar.

⭐ Generation 3 ~~ Gryffindor

  • Self-Assured trait.
  • Secret Agent, Diamond Agent career.
  • Red themed bedroom/house.
  • Have three good friends.
  • Extinguish a fire on home lot.
  • Have two children.
  • Specialize in untamed magic.
  • Frog or cat as familiar.

⭐ Generation 4 ~~ Hufflepuff

  • Cheerful trait.
  • Curator ambition.
  • Yellow themed bedroom/house.
  • Have three good friends.
  • Work hard and reach the top of chosen career.
  • Have four or more children.
  • Specialize in potions and collecting frogs.
  • Bat as familiar.

⭐ Generation 5 ~~ Ravenclaw

  • Genius trait.
  • Knowledge aspiration.
  • Blue themed bedroom/house.
  • Have a room dedicated to a library.
  • Max logic skill.
  • Never marry.
  • Have at least one child.
  • Practical magic.
  • Crow familiar.

⭐ Generation 6 ~~ Slytherin

  • Ambitious trait.
  • Green themed bedroom/house.
  • Reach the top of chosen career.
  • Marry a rich sim then divorce and steal their money.
  • Marry again to someone who is high in career.
  • Have at least one child.
  • Mischief magic.
  • Skull familiar.

⭐ Generation 7 ~~ Squib

  • Erratic and/or Loner trait.
  • Cannot leave house until YA.
  • Criminal career.
  • Partner must join Villain, Secret Agent career.
  • Have one child.
  • No familiar.

⭐ Generation 8 ~~ Chosen One

  • Good trait.
  • Friend of the world aspiration.
  • Wears glasses.
  • Become enemies with parents.
  • Parents die.
  • Marry a random sim.
  • Have twins.
  • Potions and practical magic.
  • Dragon or dog familiar.
  • Give potions to other sims: plentiful needs, emotional stability, rejuvenation, curse cleansing, prompt resurrection.

⭐ Generation 9 ~~ Twins

  • Joke star aspiration.
  • Have red hair.
  • Stay best friends with twin.
  • Max mischief skill.
  • Get married and have six children.
  • Mischief magic.
  • Own a store with loads of crazy stuff.
  • Hex doll familiar.

⭐ Generation 10 ~~ House Elf

  • Foodie trait.
  • Pointed ears.
  • Leave parents home, always wear socks.
  • Culinary career.
  • Adopt a child.
  • Practical magic.
  • Cook, clean and repair.
  • No familiar.

⭐ Generation 11 ~~ Durmstrang

  • Norwegian/Swedish name.
  • Dark hair.
  • Active trait.
  • Have Jonquilyst/Citrine in inventory or home.
  • Swim in pool for an hour.
  • Find the center of the maze.
  • Become rich.
  • Get married and have a boy.
  • Untamed magic.
  • Defeat all three sages.
  • Bunnerfly familiar.

⭐ Generation 12 ~~ Beauxbatons

  • French name.
  • Blonde hair.
  • Perfectionist trait.
  • Have Jonquilyst/Citrine in inventory or home.
  • Swim in pool for an hour.
  • Find the center of the maze.
  • Become rich.
  • Get married, have two children.
  • Untamed magic.
  • Defeat all three sages.
  • Fairy familiar.

⭐ Generation 13 ~~ Pureblood

  • Snob trait.
  • Successful lineage aspiration.
  • Max three skills.
  • Get married and have six genius children.
  • Mischief and untamed magic.
  • Veild familiar.

Generation 14 ~~ Hogwarts Student

  • Leave home, move into castle.
  • Become best friends with the elder who took you in.
  • Decorate your room in the chosen color house.
  • Make money from paintings, writing, collecting, etc.
  • When elder dies, marry and have children.
  • Learn all spells.
  • Purveyor of potions and spellcraft and sorcery aspirations.
  • Phoenix familiar.